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Awards and Rules

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Awards and public recognition of achievement are part of daily life at Padstow Park Public School.

Recognition may be in many forms. It ranges from the informal intrinsic acknowledgement, to the public mention in assemblies or newsletters.

There are three different types of formal school awards presented to students each week.

Teachers also develop their own incentives and awards system within their classrooms. These are to include a range of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards for appropriate behaviour and achievement socially, behaviourally and academically.

It is preferred that students develop a respect for and value intrinsic rewards and practice their use with their peers and society in general.

Formal Awards

The three types of formal awards are:

  • awards for exemplary behaviour both in the classroom and in the playground (bronze certificates)
  • awards for class achievement and effort (merit awards-blue certificates)
  • annual awards for meritorious achievement in the academic, social and sporting realms

Student Behaviour Awards

When a student is recognised for displaying exemplary behaviour he/she will receive a Bronze Certificate. These can be given to the students by any staff member in the school and can be awarded for behaviour in class and in the playground.

When a student has achieved five Bronze Certificates, he/she is again recognised through the presentation of a Silver Certificate for exemplary behaviour. This is presented at the next school assembly. These students are recognised in the next newsletter for their efforts.

Upon the achievement of five Silver Certificates, a student is then awarded a Gold Certificate for exemplary behaviour. These students are recognised in the next newsletter for their efforts and have their photo printed on a certificate for display within the school.

Student Achievement Awards

Merit Awards are given to students for achievements they have made in class. These can be awarded for academic achievement or effort.

When a student receives 5 Merit Awards, they are then awarded with a Class Achievement Award.

When a student receives 5 Class Achievement Awards, they are then presented with a Class Achievement Ribbon. 

Click here to view a visual flowchart of the award system.

Annual Awards

These awards are presented at Padstow Park Public School’s presentation days which are held annually in December. We have a presentation day held at school where students are recognised for class and PSSA achievements. We also hold a presentation day at the RSL Club where book awards and special awards are presented.

School Rules

Padstow Park Public School’s rules have been developed to meet the needs of the school community and are consistent with the core rules in NSW Government Schools.

Act in a safe and responsible manner

Care about the feelings of others

Respect the rights of others

Do your best in all activities

Look after your belongings and respect the property of others

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