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School Photo Day Thursday, 8th June

Individual Student, Class Photos and Sibling Photos (Sibling envelopes available from the office) are taken on this day and need to be paid for by or on Thursday, 8th June in the individualised envelope provided.

School Photo Day Information.pdf

Photo Packages information Order Envelope.pdf

School Photo Day Sibling Photo Envelope.pdf

Students to wear full Winter Uniform with Black shoes.

No Gymnastics. Please do not wear sports uniform. A catch up Gymnastics class will be held on Wednesday, 28th June.

Correct money as envelopes are given straight to the photographers. Cheques not accepted. Payment can be made by Credit Card direct to The School Photographers at www.theschoolphotographer.com.au (Use purple code - Individual Student Envelope code X127EL38P).

Phone: 9674 9824

In case your planning holidays etc, SCHOOL PHOTO MDAY FOR 2018 IS WEDNESDAY, 4TH APRIL.