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Stage 3 Field of Mars Excursion

Wednesday 20 September 2017, 08:30am - 03:30pm

Field of Mars Stage 3 2017.pdf



Stage 3 students are completing a unit of work on Animal Adaptations as part of the Science and Technology Curriculum for Semester 2. To enhance their learning they will be participating in a hands on, inquiry based learning experience at Field of Mars Study Centre located at East Ryde. 

With a focus on animal adaptations, the students will undertake a “clue-seeking” quest through the bush. They will seek out evidence such as scratch marks, droppings, fur, feathers and bones. They will be given cryptic clues provided by iBook’s, iPad’s and QR codes to guide their findings. They will then interpret their evidence, find conclusions and make a presentation to present their case to their peers to see if their conclusions are correct.

DEPART/RETURN:       8.30am/3.30pm

WHERE:     Field of Mars Reserve – Pittwater Road, EAST RYDE

CLOTHING:Students are required to wear their sports uniforms and closed in shoes for Bushwalking.

BRING:       Essential items only – food, water, medication, sunblock and hat in a small backpack. Students will need to take home their own rubbish, as there is limited bin access on the walk.

COST:         $30 (This payment was included in the Schedule of Payments.)

Please fill out the permission slip and return note and money (if not previously paid in the Schedule of Payments) to school by Thursday 14th September 2017. Deposit in the red box.

Location : Pittwateer Road, East Ryde
Contact : Mrs Weldon